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The Purpose of Using Diagnostic Tools and Programming Tools

20 Sep, 2022, 11:05 AM

The Thinktool Pros diagnostic tool is a specially engineered device meant for car diagnosis. Such tools are capable of exhibiting a variety of features. Diagnostic car scanning tools in general come with a code reader and have the ability to view and sort live data and some knowledge base. However, professional tools like the ones from Thinktool Pros include a variety of diagnostic procedures and extensive knowledge bases.

What are the Capabilities of Scan Tool?

Scan tools are engineered to interact with the onboard car diagnostic system to ensure smooth diagnostic procedures. This is where they share strange similarities with car code readers. You can plug the scanning tools either into the OBD-II socket or OBD-I. Plus, you can read the codes and clear the same or view data readouts from different sensors.


However, the tools like Thinktool Pros Programming can do the following apart from clearing and reading codes:

  • Storing and playing live data
  • Graph data
  • Read both manufacturer-oriented trouble codes and generic codes.
  • Show pending codes
  • Offer definitions for trouble code
  • Offer tips and procedures on troubleshooting.
  • Though the ability of reading and clear codes is very significant, the additional functionality it offers can make it easier to diagnose a problem.
  • Using The Scan Tool in the Best Manner
  • Whether your car is OBD-II or OBD-I will determine how to use the scanning tools. Some of the OBD-I have particular procedures.

Here are some of the standard steps that one can use a scan tool:

Finding the Right Connector

If the scan tools come with different connector options, make sure to find out the right connector and attach the same with your tool.

Plugging the Connector into the Port

Plug the scanner connector either into the OBD-II or OBD-I port present on the vehicle

Key Insertion into the Ignition

Put the key inside the ignition and turn on the ignition to the position of the accessory.

Turn to the User’s Manual if the Scan Tool Refuses for Automatic Turn On

Refer to the user’s manual if the scan tool doesn’t automatically turn on.

Vehicle Identification Number Entry

Enter your VIN into the scanning device.

Look for the Scan Options

Search for the scan option present on the scan. Either you have to scroll through menu options on-screen. Or you might come across a physical button.

Wait for the Scan

Wait for as long as the scan doesn’t complete. Also, keep a record of all the trouble codes.

Research on Trouble Codes Online

Use the scanning tools’ built-in knowledge to refer to the internet and look for more details on the trouble codes.

Take a Look at Your Stored Data

You might be interested in looking at your stored data along with pending codes for better diagnostic information based on your scan tool.

Clear Trouble Codes

Once you have completed diagnosing and finding a resolution to the issue, you can make the scan tool clear all the trouble codes. Right after, you have to drive the car until the device notifies that the monitors are running.

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