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Discontinued__NEW VERSION THINKTOOL MASTER & MASTER 2_____________

The Thinktool is the first modular design diagnostic tool. Offers full system diagnostics, 28 maintenance reset functions, TPMS detection, remote diagnostics, 12 functional modules, vehicle owner community and powerful diagnostic tool supports more than 160 vehicle brands. Ishfaq Arif Workshops Tools TR. LLC has the best Thinktool Pros diagnostic tool for customers and clients.


Exceptional coverage for 12V and optional 24V vehicles. For passenger cars, there are more than 126 car makes. Also, for commercial cars, hybrid cars and with the optional HD there is more than 80 heavy duty.


Features And Thinktool Pros


• Full system diagnostics, 28 maintenance reset functions, TPMS detection, remote diagnostics, 12 functional modules, vehicle owner community and support of more than 160 vehicle brands.

• Comprehensive repair shop maintenance technician

• 180-degree adjustable foothold or handle

• Pro scanner tablet – a handheld device

• CAN Capability


Choose us and order our diagnostic tool. We are the best diagnostic tool supplier in the country and make sure that customers are offered only the best at every stage. Therefore without any delay make an order.


Product Description

THINKTOOL Pros free update for 2 years. 

THINKCAR THINKTOOL Pros 10 inch car scanner full bluetooth wifi system with 28 special services, support ECU coding programming, ADAS calibration, active test + Android 10 operating system running on 10 inch IPS HD touch screen + 64GB memory + 2 years free update online 


Why you need Thinktool Pros

1. High-end online programming capabilities

2. Powerful Quad-Core 2.0GHz processor with 4G + 64G

Hardware configuration

3.Oe-level wireless intelligent diagnostics, covering more

That 100 car does

4.Unique modular design, supporting up to 8 functional

Modules for all application scenarios

5.Android 10 OS running on 10 inch HD IPS Touch


6. Support 28 Service reset functions, more to

Cover soon

7. Graphical Topological

8. Support ADAS calibration

9. Remote technical support via TeamViewer

Support 28 Service Functions

1. Oil refill

2.DPF Regeneration

3. AFS reset (headlight)

4.EGR Adaptation

5. Brake pad reset

6. Immobilize

7. Windows calibration

8. Bleeding coolant

9. Resetting the steering angle

10. Injector Coding

11. Calibration seat

12. Mode of Transport

13. Assorted Battery

14. Airbag reset

15. Tire Reset

16.ODO Reset

17. ABS bleeding

18.Gear Learning

19. Change of language

20.Adblue Reset

21. Elec. Throtle Adaptation

22.Suspension Matching

23. FIA Reset

24. Resetting the Nox sensor

25. TPMS reset

26. Learning

27. Sunroof Initialization

28.Stop / Start Reset

Diagnostic Support

If you encounter an unresolved issue or diagnostic software error during diagnostics, you can come back
The last 20 test records to the Thinkcar team. When we receive your feedback, we will analyze and process it in a timely manner, in order to improve the quality of our products and the user experience.

Support for fast printing of diagnostic reports

Thermal printer, works with main unit, can also work with module docking station. Quickly print diagnostic reports anytime, anywhere.

Additional Accessories....