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Main Features Of Thinktool Pros Programming

25 Jan, 2023, 10:54 AM

The following modular smart diagnostic gadget, based on Thinkcar's Android 10 system, is called Thinktool Pros. Thinktool Pros Programming might be employed in a variety of contexts because of its innovative modular architecture. It features programming capability, TPMS monitoring, and streaming data display.

The 10-inch touchscreen on the broad Thinktool Pros makes it simple to navigate menus and carry out complex tasks. It has a three-foot drop-proof housing, making it sturdy and scuff-proof. To understand more about the advantages of this useful automotive tool, keep reading the Thinktool Pros review!

Review of Thinktool Pros

Different Android-based computers are compatible with the Android-based vehicle scanner and Thinktool Pros Diagnostic Tool. It contains a ten-inch monitor, a built-in camera, and capabilities for ADAS calibration and ECU programming. It can do TPMS testing and has 64GB of RAM.

The application is easy to use and may even be downloaded off the internet for no cost. Additionally included is a built-in Bluetooth adaptor. To connect the scanner to the laptop, you might use a wire or Bluetooth network.


The Thinktool Pros scanner can accommodate over 10,000 model years and 150 different automakers. It might also be used to configure the various parts of your automobile.

You can choose the language that best meets your needs from the more than a hundred supported by this program.


Feature Principal


By replacing a sensor that has run out of charge and is no longer effective, it helps to transmit sensor information to a new Think vehicle sensor. There are three methods for programming sensors: automatically, manually, and by activation replication.


Coding in ECU
The Thinktool Pros Coding feature is used to re-flash your vehicle control module when repair and replacement are complete.It enables you to program the adaptive data for certain components once again.


Fast Diagnostic Reports Print
The base unit port as well as the module port are compatible with its built-in thermal printer. It employs a sophisticated detecting mode. As soon as the car is linked, its system will instantly identify your car's information, and conduct a vehicle inspection.


It is possible to setup automated printing so that no human input is needed at any point. Your diagnostic results might be swiftly and conveniently printed from anywhere.


Stream Of Actual Data
Thinktool professionals' Live Data Stream function offers support for screen recording, streaming data recording, and more. Automatic report generation with one click and an expanding printer that can be shared or purchased via an email module.


Program Updates
With just one click, WIFI updates keep you abreast of new cars, parameters, and functions. Software for gasoline and diesel vehicles receives two years of free updates, respectively.


Bleeding ABS
When the ABS contains air, the braking system must be bled to restore the responsiveness of the ABS. If you change the ABS pump, ABS computer, brake master cylinder, brake line, and brake fluid.


Engine Power Equilibrium
The scanner aids in determining engine power and displays information on power balancing. You can keep the engine's power balance in check if you read the data accurately and on time.

A handy diagnostic scanning tool that can do full-system inspections is the Thinktool ProS. Additionally, it functions with the distinctive ThinkTool modular line. Additionally, it is easy to use and comes with all the required capabilities thanks to its Android-based operating system.