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What Makes The Launch X 431 Pad III Stand Apart From Other Brands

21 Feb, 2022, 11:45 AM

The software for the features mentioned above is already present in the device itself. All you need to do is buy the hardware of your own free will. What makes Launch X 431 Pad III stand apart from other devices is that its extra features and online coding functions are the latest and state-of-the-art. It is just about the best in the country.


It is such a good and modern device that it has the capability of supporting more than 140_ brands of automobiles and 2000+ car models. Thus the Launch X 431 Pad III is one of the most wide-ranging devices available in the country.


The Hardware Specifications of the Launch X 431 Pad III


The model has a very huge IPS display of almost 10.1”. It is supported with an ARM Cortex A7 Quad-core processor. The battery has longevity that no others may possess. Its battery life is 12000 mah. 


But the real catch lies in the smart fault code searching function. With this function, the faults in the codes are found out with just a click on the search button. That option once clicked on will automatically start the procedure of default searching the faulty and troubled code. With this, you get to view the complete process of repairs and the diagram of the wiring whenever it is required. The optional hardware can be bought and used at convenience.


Features of The Launch X 431 Pad III


There are many features of the Launch X 431 Pad III like:


Sensor Box


The sensor box of the Launch X 431 Pad III is a hardware device that comes as an optional feature. The function of this device is to search for all faults in the sensor. It has the capability of testing by the method of fixed frequency testing.


The sensor box is also with a predefined wave form simulation, DC voltage simulation and hand-painted signal simulation. The device functions in place of a scanner and its function are to test the car. The sensor box will simulate a sensor to release similar waveforms to check out whether the car is working properly. It makes things very simple by checking on the whole electrical line. This makes the job of repairing the fault very easy by pinpointing the exact location of the fault.


Battery Box


One of the most useful options of the Launch X 431 Pad III is its battery box. It has the ability to test automotive batteries by using the method of advanced conductance battery testing. The add-on benefit is the capability of testing the alternator and the starting system of the car. These features make it the most modern and up-to-date battery testing tool.




The main function of this device is to enhance the viewership of the technician inside the car or any small nook and cranny that is not visible to the naked eye. It has a screen and a camera with a long cord that reaches out to any corner. The findings are visible on the screen.




The oscilloscope checks the electronic and ignition waveforms. It aids in detecting technical faults in the electrical system, wiring parts and electrical components. They can be viewed either slowly or fast as the viewer wishes to. It also records and replays the waveforms and analyzes the electrical pulse.


HD Module


It is basically a connector between the Launch X 431 Pad Scan Tool and the 24V vehicle like buses and trucks. It is a 16 pin connector for diagnostic purposes. 

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