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Smoke A1 Pro Heavy Duty is intended for brisk recognizing the spillage of pipe frameworks on business substantial vehicles, including admission, motor, exhaust and so forth., with general speedy bladder to fit each admission/fumes of hard core vehicles, yet not appropriate for parts touchy to smoke, for example, light lodging and lodge. 

World's littlest device for business vehicle spill recognition 

Work with outer shop air to give 0~29psi customizable test weight and up to 30L/Min stream rate 

DC 12/24V vehicle bettery driven 

Bolster UV discovery strategy for modest breaks 

Fast substantial bladder to fit each admission/exhaust 

Moment smoke age 

Shrewd 5 minutes working cycle controller with single control catch 


Pressure:0~29 Psi  Chemical Refill: 15ml 
Smoke Flow: 30L/Min  Std. Pack: Main Unit, Intake Bladder, Plastic Carry Box 
Power Supply: DC 12/24V Vehicle Battery  Unit Dim.: L10cmx W13cmx H21.5cm(without holder) 
Air Source: Shop Air  Delivery Dim.: L34.5cmx W27cmx H14cm