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Autoland PS-M1 Vehicle Power Stabilizer

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Autoland PS-M1 Vehicle Power Stabilizer

Fixed Output Voltage: 14.0 Volts.                
Output Current: 70 Amps (Max 110 Amps)
The Autoland PS-M1 Battery Stabilizer is an essential tool for protecting the vehicle's Electronic Control Units from damage caused by falling or fluctuating voltage whilst working on the vehicle using a Scan Tool or other diagnostic equipmen
The PS-M1 automatically regulates voltage output. Essential for maintaining a steady voltage during diagnosis and programming. Protects computers during programming. Warning Mode avoids over-current and ensures battery life.

Whether you are programming a new Control Unit, reprogramming an existing Control Unit, programming Keys or simply releasing an electronic handbrake to allow for brake pad exchange, there is a potential for ECU damage. The PS-M1 will keep the vehicle's battery at a constant 14.0 volts, protecting the control unit from damage.

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