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All About the Online Benz SCN Coding

25 Apr, 2022, 12:03 PM

Because if you are feeling trouble with your transmission in your Benz, there is a good chance that the problem is with your ME Control Unit and that SCN coding is required to resolve the issue. Unauthorized technicians cannot fix this issue because only expert technicians can access the Mercedes-Benz server. Without SCN coding it would take significantly longer to change any control unit, which would result in wrong configurations, and thus the cost of repair (or re-repair) would go up and up as systems got more complicated. Benz Scn Coding Online coding allows the correct configuration to be loaded into the car.


Why Mercedes should be done by a technician who is SCN certified?


SCN coding is obligatory to update the software when a new Electronic Transmission Controller (ETC) or fuel control unit (ME) is fitted. For the maximum of the systems in Mercedes Benz, SCN coding is required after the replacement. These systems include; an SRS airbag computer, 722.9 gearbox computer replacement, Gearbox module, and many more. All these systems need network authorization from the Mercedes-Benz Technical Service Center for the completion of the procedure. Uncertified technicians can't do this.


Why SCN coding services are needed?


SCN coding facilitated by Mercedes Coding Services is required for several reasons. First of all, it is obligatory by law; you may also be fined if you have not performed this critical step. Secondly, you need this if you want to make sure that your vehicle works at ideal levels. SCN coding is also essential to prevent any aftermarket developments that are done to improve the performance. If you want to install added control module in the future, it will need SCN coding.


How does SCN coding Work?


The repair process of the ME control unit needs the technician to update the software to solve the real problem. Now, to fix and correct the software programming, you require to re-code it with the help of SCN Coding. To repair the ME control unit two steps are obligatory; flashing and updating the software by utilizing the Software Calibration Number (SCN).


Why flashing is obligatory in the updating process of Mercedes Benz ME control unit software?


In easy terms, flashing is a technique to update the ME control unit software. Flashing would be mandatory in many circumstances; for example, in cases when you’re DTB requires the software to be updated, when TAC/EDAC requested the updated software, if there is any part with a new ECU number or when a new Mercedes Benz ME control unit is recognized by SCN.


Why SCN coding is so important?


SCN Codes only be produced by authorized dealership people via any computer with internet access or any NetStar platform. This will be possible by the user entering a secured website utilizing a log-on and password exclusive to the user. The user then will be able to produce an SCN Code using vehicle data as well as data from the substituted/flashed ECM.


How does the Mercedes Benz Online Programming works?


SCN coding is the "online" bit where the confit is desirable - which only works with Mercedes supported systems. SCN coding was primarily used for engine/gearbox/airbag (as coding them wrong is a disaster, or messes u emissions), then additional instrument cluster (on W164) as so many got that wrong and menus vanished, and now for just about everything.


Focus points on the Mercedes Scn Coding Service


1. Safety

You can save the current coding formation, this enables you with a safety net in case you get passed away with coding (we have all been there). This means that at any point or situation if you feel that you have gone a bit too far with coding or if anything goes wrong, we can always go back to the start.

2. Versatility

Another exceptional side of our Mercedes coding is the versatility – you can code items in groups, you can pick individual items, in some cases, you can even see the co-dependencies between module groups in terms of coding, a sense that the software may direct you that another module needs to be coded too, for one function to apply.

3. Speed limiter – the speed limiter is again controlled by the same two modules and once again we need to have in observance that the CPC has pre-defined values for that too and we can reach the maximum so do not expect 330 km/h+ from the same C180.

4. Exhaust flaps settings – this is another one of our cool single button settings, as most tuners know, turbocharged engines love additional flow, this function allows for said flow to be customized according to our needs.