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A Complete Guide: Garage Equipment for Your Automotive Garage

27 Oct, 2021, 09:43 AM

You wouldn't have to work for a long time to get the tools you need to start your own auto repair shop. It's just a matter of picking the right equipment for the right price, of course. And they won't have to be second-hand.


Even though expert technicians have humongous tool collections along with all the gizmos, well almost everyone starts with the fundamentals when they first start out. Also, that's what you'll find in this compilation. You'll need a variety of restoration equipment from an automotive garage equipment supplier, to make even the most minor maintenance for your customers quickly and accurately.


Torque Wrenches:


The majority of the bolts and nuts in an engine or specific component must be tightened precisely to the defined torque setting. Otherwise, vital organs could be damaged or there would be a dynamic imbalance. By utilizing torque wrenches from a garage equipment supplier in UAE, even the most novice of bolt/nut installers can achieve the same level of torque as the manufacturer specifies. To tighten the nut, turn the key to the desired torque and lock the key.


The clamping effort would be halted by noise if the torque exceeded the specified limit. This will give the mechanic peace of mind that the necessary tightening has been completed and he can proceed to the next problem. This saves a lot of time that would have been wasted if the tightening was incorrectly performed.


Engine Hoist or Gearbox Hoist:


A gearbox hoist is easily accessible. By raising the hoist's end up to the gearbox, you can easily remove and move heavy parts around your garage with ease.


An engine hoist is a necessity if you're going to be doing any engine work that necessitates removing the engine for maintenance, refurbishes, or reconstruction. Make sure you get one that can handle the biggest engine you're going to service.




Because many auto repairs necessitate raising the vehicle briefly, a powerful floor jack is frequently needed. A good jack with plenty of capacity and sturdy stands will try to support the vehicle once it's been raised. Lifted vehicles' axles and other components can be supported with the help of pole jacks.


Both the lift and the repair pit are used on occasion. Also, brake pads and discs need to be replaced. You don't have to put in any additional time. Opt for an industrial-strength jack that you can take with you if you move out of the garage.


Air Compressor:


When it comes to using pneumatic simple tools as well as some auto lifts, you'll need to get an air compressor that you can trust. It is a very popular garage equipment in UAE. A 60 or 120-gallon compressor would be an excellent example of a high-capacity purchase to ensure you have the power you require to strengthen your shop's necessities.


Tool - Set Containing:


  • Hammers


Cross peen hammer, wooden hammer, ball peen hammer, and other hammer types are examples. When working on cars, the most common tool to use is a medium-sized ball-peen hammer. When working with hard surfaces, a forged steel hammer is the tool of choice. A soft hammer, on the other hand, is best suited for jobs on soft surfaces or impacting sheet metal.


  • Measuring Tools


The most commonly used recognizable tool is a 300MM long metal ruler. A special measurement tool such as a feeler gauge, callipers clamp, micrometre or the like may be used for specific purposes like checking the spark plug gap or screw and nut diameter.


  • Bench Vice


While working on the component, it is secured in a bench vice. As soon as it's in place, it'll stay there forever. It's a must-have holding device because strut assembly and steering assembly repairs and lubrication are so frequent.


Final Words:


To summarize, the tools listed above are a necessity when working on a car. In order to be used on a regular basis, the workshop needs a lot more tools and equipment. In the next article, we'll talk about this topic in more detail.